Sony Digital Voice Editor

Sony Digital Voice Editor 3.3

Imports and accesses messages from Sony IC devices
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Sony Corporation

Access the messages from Sony IC recorder devices and manage them on a personal computer. The utility plays the messages, transfers data to external devices or drives, edits tracks, etc. Sending updated messages back to IC recorders or Sony memory sticks is possible.

As it name reads Sony Digital Voice Editor is a software that allows Sony personal digital recorder owners to download, edit, convert and upload audio files from and to their recorders.
Play and edit those messages from applicable models such as ICD-BM, ICD-P, ICD-ST , ICD-MX Series, etc.
Overview :
-Download audio from the recorder into your computer organizing by messages or by folders.
-Add messages from the computer to the digital recorder.
-Edit or even split a message into two or combine several, up to five in one.
-Convert the file format of a message saved in the computer into a new file like an MP3.
- CD Burning Tool enables the user to write the messages to an audio or data CD. It is also possible to convert a CD audio track into a format compatible with the Digital Voice Editor to be played in the recorder.

If you are using Windows Vista, check the compatibility of the digital recorder model, and if you own an ICD-P series recorder it must be configured at the installation otherwise it won't work.

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  • Convert, transfer and edit digital audio recordings


  • This software is not available for the Mac. Only for Sony devices. Limite compatibility to Win Vista
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